BHE Robotics

Research & Development

The BHE Robotics Hungary Ltd. is a Hungarian company with innovative visions and a rich history. We are proud of our legacy, and from time to time our target is to continue to meet the needs of our customers.

The global emerging technologies and threats are encouraging BHE Group to intensify their business technology. For this purpose, it contributes in Hungarian innovation and long-term development as a strategic priority.

The BHE Group won Hungarian state funding at Irinyi Plan for its Rectenna project. This funding invests capital in small and medium-sized enterprises, which is in line with the objectives adopted by the Government in February 2016. The aim of this capital investment is to finance the implementation, the entry into the market and the expansion of the development plans of the beneficiary enterprises.

With our strategic products, we are trying to find the right solutions to the world's energy demand, the increasing number of natural disasters and the extreme weather.

The engineering division of BHE Robotics Hungary Ltd. has gained leadership in several projects, such as electric automation, robotics control technology, or UAV on-board transportation. Given that our employees have extensive experience in the electric vehicle manufacturing value chain, our company sees the market segment in induction and mobile charging to complement Bosch and other large companies’ developments in Hungary. Our company supports installed laser technology and continues to gain experience in this field in its development areas.

We are convinced that developments that would put sensors on the roads and electronic charging devices will not result in an economical result due to the incredible investment. Our business believes in installed add-on charging devices that can prolong power of on-board batteries. For UAV, this Rectenna solution is one of the most up-to-date improvements, while installed laser chargers can provide a complete network, but do not require any major investment.